Statement from WGSS Alumni

Dear President LeBlanc, Provost Blake and Board Chair Speights,

We write to you as alumni of the George Washington University’s Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program to express our deepest concern about budget renegotiations that include layoffs, furloughs, salary cuts, and reduction of financial assistance allocated to some of the university’s most vulnerable students.

It seems with these adjustments that GWU leadership has forgotten its commitment to the values of “integrity, collaboration, respect, excellence, openness, diversity, and courage.” The decision to implement the proposed COVID-19 response budget strategy reflects a need for better, innovative ideas on how to address the situation without harming GWU community members.

The proposal should be transparent, with consultation of those adversely impacted by the budget and GWU leadership should align itself with peer institutions rather than being an outlier by implementing drastic changes. Alternative approaches have been conceptualized in various statements from GWU faculty and by the Faculty Senate against the recent budget proposal and it is recommended that you review them as possibilities.

We support a reconsideration of the current budget in relation to the ideas outlined by the WGSS Program and ask GWU leadership to cease and retract already implemented budget procedures (i.e. furloughs, layoffs, 10% salary cuts, non-payment into retirements and reduction/elimination of financial aid).


Nichole Smith, Class of ‘19

Paul Seltzer, Class of ‘13

Ariella Neckritz, Class of ‘16

Jennifer Meneray, Class of ‘18

Breya Johnson, Class of ‘20

Grace Healey, Class of ‘18

Emily Granada, Class of ‘18 A

nna Woodward, Class of ‘19

Jennifer Hyde, Class of ‘20

Cheryl (Deutsch) Croshere, Class of ‘06

Arianna Bartlett, Class of ‘17 & ‘20

Chitra Panjabi, Class of ‘10

Rowel Leung, Class of ‘20

Sama Mcgona Sisay, Class of ‘15

Joy Welan, Class of ‘05

Taryn Abbassian, Class of ‘19

Negar Esfandiari, Class of ‘17

Molly Ingalls, Class of ‘17

E Feinman, Class of ‘17

Gurmani Amber Singh, Class of ‘17

Saumya Gulati, Class of ‘16

Samantha Sears, Class of ‘19

Jade Hurley, Class of ‘20

Micayla Eve Rivin, Class of ‘19

Anna Wadhwani, Class of ‘18

Natasha Dupee, Class of ‘12

William McCown, Class of ‘16 & ‘17

Emily Hitchner, Class of ‘20

Jamie Diamond, Class of ‘16

Jenessa Cabak, Class of ‘20

Laura Zillman, Class of ‘16 & ‘17

Abby Miller Gudich, Class of ‘09

Yelana Sims, Class of ‘17

Lauren Courtney, Class of ‘18

Anna Schwartz, Class of ‘13

Joseanna Lopez, Class of ‘20

Barbara Gilbert, Class of ‘95

Chelsea Williams-Diggs, Class of ‘17

Courtney Sieloff, Class of ‘10

Stephanie Braddock, Class of ‘20

Eric Duran, Class of ‘19

Gabriele Simon, Class of ‘20

Sophie Krenksy, Class of ‘15

Melanie Janus, Class of ‘09 K

atherine Banks, Class of ‘16

Michela Masson, Class of ‘16

Gabrielle Doyle (nee Winger) Class of ‘19

Emma Anderson, Class of ‘20

Jamie Malyn

Published by GWUFA

GWUFA is a grass-roots, faculty-run organization and has no official relation to the university administration or the Faculty Senate.