A 6-8% Raise for ALL Faculty

Last week the GWU Faculty Association sent a letter to President LeBlanc requesting a 6%-8% raise in a future year, once the university has recovered any financial losses from the pandemic and operations have returned to normal. While our priority remains preventing any layoffs or furloughs, we are also concerned that the present, temporary crisis,Continue reading “A 6-8% Raise for ALL Faculty”

Florida cronyism and the projected budget crisis at GW

19 May 2020 Dear GWUFA Members,   No doubt many of you have been thinking about LeBlanc’s vague but ominous warning on May 11th that, because compensation makes up a “significant share of our budget, we will have to make personnel decisions that affect all of us.” LeBlanc’s announcement followed on heels of the May 8thContinue reading “Florida cronyism and the projected budget crisis at GW”

How Will GW Spend $9.1 Million from Federal Government?

The George Washington University is receiving more than $9 million in federal pandemic-related relief. Given the challenging economic situation GW is facing, we believe it is important that our membership understand the stipulations of this aid, and that University leadership respond to our questions and concerns.  The following highlights aspects of this legislation that weContinue reading “How Will GW Spend $9.1 Million from Federal Government?”

GWUFA Demands Protections for Contract Faculty

We were dismayed to learn that contract faculty are not being given same the automatic extensions as tenure-track faculty. We wrote the following letter to Provost Blake, and we’ll let you know if and how Provost Blake responds to us. (April 27, 2020) Dear Provost Blake, I write on behalf of the GWU Faculty Association,Continue reading “GWUFA Demands Protections for Contract Faculty”