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Great News!

Dear GWUFA Members, 

Yesterday, we received an incredible update regarding the student-led campaign for divestment that GWUFA endorsed in early February. The task force on Environmental, Social and Governance Responsibility is recommending that GW “commit to divest the university endowment from all public and private securities of companies that focus on the extraction of fossil fuels by 2025.” This recommendation affirms one of the campaign’s major demands. 

We are writing to ask for your help with the final push that could make divestment a reality. The task force has announced a period of public comment prior to the Board of Trustee’s vote, and Sunrise GW is asking supporters to submit comments amplifying the campaign’s major demands. Full divestment is the main priority. Please also consider mentioning the other campaign demand–that GW reform its relationship to the Regulatory Studies Center, a fossil fuel funded think tank disguised as a research center. 

Sunrise GW has made sample public comment language available here. You can read the full report from the task force and submit your comment here.

GW is on the threshold of joining those who truly grasp the threat of continued fossil fuel production, and are willing to divest from this unsustainable and destructive industry as a result. Please help us in pushing GW to be the University we want and deserve. 

In solidarity, 

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