Misleading benefits information in GW Today

Recently GW Today published a misleading story claiming that employee benefits at GW are comparable to those offered at its peer institutions. This claim is based on a flawed report commissioned by the university administration to gainsay the conclusions of President Knapp's own task force of GW faculty and staff. That original task force report, available on the GWU … Continue reading Misleading benefits information in GW Today


Benefits Task Force Report

President Knapp's own benefits task force found in May that GW’s benefits lag far behind those of our peer institutions. GWUFA was the first group to raise this issue, and we have finally overcome Rice Hall stonewalling. The full task force report is available here.  (And browse other resources under our documents page.)

More GWUFA Faculty Senators

GWUFA members turned out in force for the February 20 CCAS Faculty Meeting to elect all five of the GWUFA members who ran for the Faculty Senate. Congratulations to Harald Griesshammer (Physics), Leslie Jacobson (Theater and Dance), Randall Packer (Biology), Marie Price (Geography), and Cynthia Rohrbeck (Psychology)!

November Newsletter

FacCheck Newsletter of the George Washington University Faculty Association November 2014 Inside: Health Insurance 2015: At Best a Mixed Bag for GW Faculty and Staff GWUFA Supports Staff Protest of Tuition Benefit Reductions Focus on the Budget:  What are the GW Administration’s Priorities? Faculty Code Revision:  GWUFA Remains Vigilant GWUFA’s Inside/Outside Strategy GWUFA in the … Continue reading November Newsletter

GWUFA and Health Insurance at the George Washington University

One of the reasons GWUFA was founded was to protest the huge increases in medical insurance premiums that GW faculty have had to pay, even while our out-of-pocket expenses under those plans were drastically increased. Over the past two years, faculty medical insurance expenses have increased by 52%, so that we now receive significantly worse … Continue reading GWUFA and Health Insurance at the George Washington University