GWUFA progress on health insurance costs

We wanted to let you know about some progress that we just made on our efforts to roll back the 52% increase in the amount GW faculty pay for health care under our insurance plans over the past two years. These efforts, as you know, began with a petition we organized, signed by 165 full time faculty members, over 10% of the total faculty members.

We initially presented this petition to the provost, but found little support for our demands. However, at last Friday’s senate meeting, after a presentation by steering committee member Tyler Anbinder demonstrating how poor GW health insurance coverage has become in comparison to other universities, the Senate unanimously passed a resolution calling on GW to increase the percentage of its contribution to the cost of our healthcare coverage without reducing the pool for merit increases in salary.  Please see the article in today’s Hatchet for more on the Senate session, described by the Hatchet as “a rare backlash against administrative policies.”

We consider this a major victory for GWUFA and for our petition.

However, we are not confident that the University Administration will act on this unanimous resolution of the senate without continuing pressure and support from GWUFA. Therefore it is imperative to increase our membership to turn this early success into better benefits for all GW employees. If you haven’t signed up for GWUFA already, please do. If you have signed up, please recruit one more member. You can sign up yourself and your new recruits here.

And please attend our meeting this Wednesday, May 14, at 1PM in the Teamsters Labor History Research Center on the 7th floor of Gelman Library.

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GWUFA is a grass-roots, faculty-run organization and has no official relation to the university administration or the Faculty Senate.

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