GWUFA or GW Getting Press

Chronicle of Higher Education, November 6, 2019.

A University Wanted to Improve Its Culture. So It Called Disney.

The Chronicle is rightfully suspicious that perhaps Disney is not the place to get consulting for improving a university’s culture. As GWUFA member Katherine Kleppinger makes clear, we are not opposed to working for a better environment at the university! Instead, we want to see change in the working conditions that make people (staff, faculty, students) frustrated. At a university, working conditions are learning conditions.

GW Hatchet on GWUFA Working Groups: October 31, 2019.

Take a look at this important @gwhatchet article on the new GWUFA Working Groups, designed for broad and open discussion among faculty about the impact of Pres. LeBlanc’s cuts & changes.

Inside Higher Ed on the Faculty Assembly vote to demand more accountability. October 28, 2019.

The article gives a sense of the energy and commitment at the impressively well-attended faculty assembly, which asked for more information and more transparency from the GW administration.

GW Hatchet on the “Culture Initiative”: October 28, 2019

GW faculty express concerns that the trainings are not interactive, not designed for mutual conversation about how to improve GW’s institutional culture.

GW Hatchet: October16, 2019: Faculty sign petition about LeBlanc’s proposals.

Harald Greisshammer, Physics, was interviewed for the Hatchet story.

Getting to the Bottom of it podcast, September 30, 2019. Two GWUFA members, Guillermo Orti and Greg Squires, discuss the planned changes.

GW Hatchet: September 30, 2019: Push to Increase STEM majors could prompt cuts in non-STEM departments.

Kathryn Schultheiss, History, was interviewed for the story.

Washington Post: September 13, 2019: GWU aims to get smaller and better. Will that mean cuts to faculty and financial aid?

The Post story discussed the impact on students and faculty of the proposed changes.

GW Hatchet Editorial by GWUFA President, November 15, 2018: Ivy Ken discusses the Disney survey and why it is so demoralizing to faculty who care about GW.

GW Hatchet: April 14, 2014. Professors start rival group to counter administrators’ agenda.

We were happy to see the coverage at the founding of our organization, but also countered the inaccuracies in the story:

  1. We are not a faculty lobbying organization. Rather, we are an independent faculty voice upholding the core values of the University and speaking out on issues of central importance that affect the quality of academic life for students and faculty.
  2. We do not have, nor do we seek an adversarial relationship with the Faculty Senate, the University Administration, the Board of Trustees or any other body. Our relationship with these, and other institutional bodies, is determined by how closely their actions and attitudes correspond with our stated principles.
  3. We do not seek to usurp the role of the Faculty Senate. The Faculty Senate is an institutional body of the University. We are not. Instead, we are part of the University community’s civil society. We believe a strong and robust civil society, which can both empower and hold to account the University’s institutional structure, is fundamental to the University’s health.