GWUFA Committees

The “Strategic Planning Process” launched by President LeBlanc for #GWU is well underway and his top-down committees are working at a rapid pace. We need to get organized fast to make our voices heard. To do that, we are establishing working groups for members to plug into. Please sign up to help us take back our university!

Shared Governance Group

The Shared Governance Working Group is committed to making sure the strategic plan involves an actual process for sharing power within the university. Contact Katrin Schultheiss to get plugged in:

Contract Faculty Group

The Contract Faculty Working Group is committed to making sure those of us without tenure are not targeted by LeBlanc’s ill-fated plan for GWU. If you want to connect, contact Laura Schiavo, Kathy Larsen, or Sigrid Johannesdottir

Disney Culture Working Group

The Disney Culture Working Group is committed to counteracting the demoralizing, Disney-grown “culture” trainings. If you’d rather create a culture of collective thriving, contact Christopher Britt: .

Graduate Program Working Group

The Graduate Program Working Group is committed to defending our excellent PhD programs against the “Hunger Games” strategy of this administration. Contact Andrew Zimmerman:

Let’s build something together.