GWUFA Committees

If you are as worried about the immediate future of GW under the LeBlanc administration as we are, if you are as determined to make shared governance a reality, then now is the time to act. And there are many, many actions to take!

NO-CONFIDENCE COMMITTEE.  Are you with the 91% of the polled faculty and staff at the August 20, 2020 all-faculty meeting who expressed support for a no-confidence vote in the LeBlanc administration? Are you unwilling to let a clause in the GW bylaws prohibiting a  vote of no confidence in the President silence you and your colleagues? A broad public statement by faculty, staff, students, and alumni can be as powerful as a formal resolution. If you would like to help make this happen then contact

DIRECT ACTION COMMITTEE.  Are you one of the many faculty who have called for walk-outs, slow-downs, public protests, and a thousand other creative acts of political expression? Make them happen by joining this committee. In fact, the committee is meeting at 3pm on Thursday! Contact .

ORGANIZING COMMITTEE.  Our strength is our numbers. Right now roughly 30% of all full-time non-medical faculty at GW are members of the Faculty Association.  Imagine what we could do if the number were twice that? If you like what you see, then this is the committee for you. Contact

Other on-going committees:

Shared Governance Group

The Shared Governance Working Group is committed to making sure the strategic plan involves an actual process for sharing power within the university. Contact Katrin Schultheiss to get plugged in:

Contract Faculty Group

The Contract Faculty Working Group is committed to making sure those of us without tenure are not targeted by LeBlanc’s ill-fated plan for GWU. If you want to connect, contact Laura Schiavo, Kathy Larsen, or Sigrid Johannesdottir

Disney Culture Working Group

The Disney Culture Working Group is committed to counteracting the demoralizing, Disney-grown “culture” trainings. If you’d rather create a culture of collective thriving, contact Christopher Britt: .

Graduate Program Working Group

The Graduate Program Working Group is committed to defending our excellent PhD programs against the “Hunger Games” strategy of this administration. Contact Andrew Zimmerman:

Let’s build something together.