This is the simple version of GWUFA’s mission: GW deserves better. GW students, faculty, alumni, and staff are part of a great community, and we want the university to live up to what it can be–when it treats all parties with respect and supports research and teaching across the university. To do that, administrators and the Board need to genuinely listen to faculty, staff, students, and alumni about GW’s future.

Most recently, the current GW administration has launched a plan to make fundamental changes at GW: cutting the student body quickly, and unilaterally insisting that we will have a higher percentage of STEM majors, both changes supposedly in the service of “excellence.”

We don’t mind change! In fact, some things clearly need to change to keep GW an excellent university. But the Board and President LeBlanc have announced major changes without clarifying consequences or seriously listening to the GW community. The “Strategic Planning Committees” now in operation must work from the fait accompli of major cuts in the student body, a new and rapid move toward STEM, and an administration resistant to any real input. So President LeBlanc has announced that we will be cutting the student body, but has no financial plan to handle the inevitable decline in resources. And GW will now be suddenly increasing the number of majors in STEM, but without an overall analysis of how the rest of the university will be affected. All of this with no real consideration of how it will affect the diversity of our student body. This is what happens when leadership is not leading so much as unilaterally pronouncing. This is “disruptive innovation” at its corporate worst.

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What People Say

“I joined GWUFA because I worry that students, staff, and faculty aren’t best served by many of the administration’s policies. I hope that by working together we can help GW become the university it’s meant to be”

Kathryn Kleppinger, GWUFA Steering Committee member

“GWU is taking a surprising and radical step that has prompted deep faculty anxiety: It is choosing to shrink — a lot…. Skepticism is building among faculty who fear changes will curtail access to a university that has sought mightily in recent years to ditch a reputation it had acquired as a high-priced destination catering to the wealthy.”

Washington Post, Sept. 13, 2019

“This group matters. It reassures me about the future of the university that we have so many faculty willing to fight for shared governance & the real values that make #GW great.”

GWUFA member

Let’s build something together.