Summer Membership Meeting June 15th, 2020!

Are you, like us, pissed off that the GW administration continues to announce transformational plans for the university without consulting in good faith the faculty or other members of the university community? 

Are you as irritated as we are by the administration’s continued farce of shared governance, with its manufactured committees composed of hand-picked faculty members with marching orders imposed from on high? 

Do you, like us, cringe every time you receive yet another long email from university administrators that is full of vague but ominous talk of crisis, million-dollar shortfalls, and extreme measures? 

Do you feel as disrespected as we do by a university administration that continually discounts our central contributions to the university’s mission of research and teaching? 

Does the pronouncement by Board of Trustees Chair Speights that the university’s nearly $2-billion endowment is untouchable have you as baffled as it does us? 

Are you as frustrated as we are that the university has decided by fiat that all fall classes will be held in-person, on campus, despite the health risks to faculty and our families, despite the absence of any green light from the CDC or the Washington, DC government, and under the continuously repeated threat of an undocumented $320-million shortfall? 

Yes? Good!

Help us fight back!

Join us [on WebEx] at 3pm on Monday the 15th of June for the 

Spring 2020 GWU Faculty Association Membership Meeting! 

Meeting Link:
Meeting number:  160 106 2840
Meeting password:  XpMA3bMPj65

We’ll talk about the three issues troubling faculty this spring–

  1. the continued insecurity of contract faculty, 
  2. the demand for increased faculty raises in a future year; and 
  3. the absence of budget transparency as it relates to 
    • cronyism and the ongoing expansion of the highly paid university administration, 
    • the calculation of any pandemic shortfalls, 
    • the possibilities of layoffs, furloughs, cuts to benefits, and other extreme measures. 

And we will devise plans of action on these 3 fronts!

Invite your friends — to join the meeting and to join GWUFA.

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GWUFA is a grass-roots, faculty-run organization and has no official relation to the university administration or the Faculty Senate.

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