More GWUFA Faculty Senators

GWUFA members turned out in force for the February 20 CCAS Faculty Meeting to elect all five of the GWUFA members who ran for the Faculty Senate. Congratulations to Harald Griesshammer (Physics), Leslie Jacobson (Theater and Dance), Randall Packer (Biology), Marie Price (Geography), and Cynthia Rohrbeck (Psychology)!

Happy Hour


Thursday, November 20
4:30 – 6:00


1823 L St NW, lower level
(A few blocks from campus,
but good happy hour prices!
Next door to Mackey’s)

Please join members and supporters of the GWU Faculty Association and part-time faculty organized under SEIU.  This is a chance to get to know each other and to discuss efforts to improve our teaching and working conditions.

November Newsletter

Newsletter of the George Washington University
Faculty Association
November 2014


  • Health Insurance 2015: At Best a Mixed Bag for GW Faculty and Staff
  • GWUFA Supports Staff Protest of Tuition Benefit Reductions
  • Focus on the Budget:  What are the GW Administration’s Priorities?
  • Faculty Code Revision:  GWUFA Remains Vigilant
  • GWUFA’s Inside/Outside Strategy
  • GWUFA in the News
  • Other Articles of Interest

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GWUFA and Health Insurance at the George Washington University

One of the reasons GWUFA was founded was to protest the huge increases in medical insurance premiums that GW faculty have had to pay, even while our out-of-pocket expenses under those plans were drastically increased. Over the past two years, faculty medical insurance expenses have increased by 52%, so that we now receive significantly worse coverage than that offered by similar universities. The drastically higher co-pays are especially alarming because they are the what faculty pay for every visit to a medical provider:

Georgetown PPO U. of Maryland PPO Boston Univ. PPO GWU Medium PPO
Primary care co-pay $20 $15 $20 $25
Specialist co-pay $30 $30 $20 $50
Family deductible in network $1000 $0 $0 $1000
Family deductible out of network $2000 $500 $1000 $1500
Percent of out-of-network expenses paid by plan 75% 70% 80% 60%

The main reason for these differences is that GW spends less on faculty benefits than its competitors: GW spends 25 cents on our fringe benefits for every dollar it spends on salary, while B.U. spends 29 cents, Georgetown spends 35 cents, and even A.U. spends 27 cents.

Another reason for our below-average medical plan is that the Board of Trustees increases the amount GW pays for our benefits by only 3% per year, regardless of how much those costs actually increase. Faculty are willing to pay their fair share of cost increases, but we feel the university should shoulder at least an equal proportion of the burden. The Board has passed the bulk of benefit price increases onto faculty members, while protecting the record-setting bonuses it lavishes on top administrators.

GWUFA is trying to put pressure on university administrators to improve faculty benefits. At the behest of our members, the Faculty Senate unanimously passed a resolution urging the Board of Trustees to devote more money to faculty benefits in 2015.  The trustees chose to ignore this senate resolution, however, and the university plans to raise the medical insurance premiums on existing plans another 4% in the coming year.  GWUFA will continue to lobby to win a better benefits package for all faculty, but we can only succeed if you:

1) Tell your colleagues about how GW’s faculty benefits stack up against other universities.

2) Make your unhappiness about your benefits known whenever you speak to administrators.

3) Recruit new members to GWUFA.  Every new member adds weight to our call to offer benefits to GW faculty that are just as good as those offered by similar universities.  You can talk about our goals, print out materials from our resources page, and encourage colleagues to signup online.

Summer Greetings

Last week, the newly elected GWUFA steering committee held its first meeting. The steering committee was elected by a majority of the association at the beginning of the summer, in an election which we also approved the association’s bylaws.

In accordance with the bylaws, the steering committee elected officers for the association. The officers are:

President: Andrew Zimmerman
Vice President: Katrin Schultheiss
Secretary: Benjamin D. Hopkins
Treasurer: Rachel Riedner

We also discussed strategies and activities for the year. Some of the highlights include:

1) GWUFA will hold a general meeting of the membership on Wed., Sept. 17, 11:30-12:30, Teamster’s Room, 7th floor, Gelman Library.

2) We will have our first annual party at Tyler Anbinder’s house (1601 N Edgewood St., located near the metro in Arlington) on Sunday, September 21st, 3-5PM. We will send details and directions later.

3) We will have regular GWUFA happy hours near campus next year for current members and any faculty member interested in GWUFA

4) We will have a newsletter for members, a twitter feed, a video series, and we will continue to recruit new members.

Try to recruit a new member this month. New members can signup on our website here.

We continue to work to improve our benefits and compensation, focusing still on rising health insurance costs. Look for a full report from us soon on that.

We will also continue to monitor and shape the ongoing revision of the faculty code in accordance with the goals and principles of GWUFA.

I hope you have a great summer. On behalf of the entire steering committee, I look forward enthusiastically to working with you, and on your behalf, during the upcoming academic year.

Nominations & Bylaws

Below is information regarding two votes that will soon take place.

First, the George Washington University Faculty Association is currently soliciting nominations for its Steering Committee.  As indicated in the proposed bylaws and discussed at the May 14 meeting, this committee will consist of between 5 and 15 members, each of whom will serve two year, staggered terms.  We are hoping to elect 15 members now, some for one-year and some for two- year terms.  If you would like to volunteer or nominate a colleague, please send the names and email addresses by May 21.

Second, we also would like to vote on and accept a formal set of bylaws.  Ballots will be sent out electronically by June 15 with further instructions.

Meeting on Wednesday

GWU Faculty Association

A new and independent voice for faculty concerned about
the future of George Washington University

 Open to all full-time GWU faculty

 General Meeting: May 14, 2014
1-3 pm

 Teamsters Labor History Research Center
7th floor, Gelman Library

   If you are you concerned about

  • The future of shared governance
  • Administrative policy priorities
  • Rising health insurance costs
  • Proposed revisions to the faculty code

Come to our meeting on May 14!  Bring your friends and colleagues! 

Browse this site to sign-up and learn more about the organization.

GWUFA progress on health insurance costs

We wanted to let you know about some progress that we just made on our efforts to roll back the 52% increase in the amount GW faculty pay for health care under our insurance plans over the past two years. These efforts, as you know, began with a petition we organized, signed by 165 full time faculty members, over 10% of the total faculty members.

We initially presented this petition to the provost, but found little support for our demands. However, at last Friday’s senate meeting, after a presentation by steering committee member Tyler Anbinder demonstrating how poor GW health insurance coverage has become in comparison to other universities, the Senate unanimously passed a resolution calling on GW to increase the percentage of its contribution to the cost of our healthcare coverage without reducing the pool for merit increases in salary.  Please see the article in today’s Hatchet for more on the Senate session, described by the Hatchet as “a rare backlash against administrative policies.”

We consider this a major victory for GWUFA and for our petition.

However, we are not confident that the University Administration will act on this unanimous resolution of the senate without continuing pressure and support from GWUFA. Therefore it is imperative to increase our membership to turn this early success into better benefits for all GW employees. If you haven’t signed up for GWUFA already, please do. If you have signed up, please recruit one more member. You can sign up yourself and your new recruits here.

And please attend our meeting this Wednesday, May 14, at 1PM in the Teamsters Labor History Research Center on the 7th floor of Gelman Library.