We’re Not Tired, Provost Blake

“I am extremely sensitive to faculty fatigue…” Provost Blake wrote yesterday, describing why he has changed his mind about implementing his “shock doctrine” Academic Master Plan. We’d like to respond.   We’re not tired, Blake. We’re energized, we’re focused, and we won’t back down. The Faculty Association is gratified that we and members of the Faculty SenateContinue reading “We’re Not Tired, Provost Blake”

Building the University We Want

Inside the University We Have On Monday more than four hundred people attended the meeting organized by the Faculty Association to discuss our ongoing responses to the disastrous and haphazard leadership of the LeBlanc administration.  We had much to bemoan and much to celebrate. We have lost friends and necessary co-workers to unnecessary and destructive layoffs. Our presidentContinue reading “Building the University We Want”