A GW Pledge to Act for the Common Good

On June 4th, the GWU Faculty Association received confirmation in an email from President LeBlanc that senior leadership believes layoffs at GW cannot be avoided. While layoffs have yet to be officially announced, such an announcement is seemingly imminent. Our friends in the senate tell us that there are administration task forces considering both facultyContinue reading “A GW Pledge to Act for the Common Good”

Public Comment on Divestment

Great News! Dear GWUFA Members,  Yesterday, we received an incredible update regarding the student-led campaign for divestment that GWUFA endorsed in early February. The task force on Environmental, Social and Governance Responsibility is recommending that GW “commit to divest the university endowment from all public and private securities of companies that focus on the extraction of fossil fuels by 2025.” ThisContinue reading “Public Comment on Divestment”

Nov. 7, 2019: Disney culture article in the Chronicle

The Chronicle of Higher Education published a detailed article about the Disney Culture initiative. As the article makes clear, GW faculty who are concerned about this program are not saying that we shouldn’t improve GW’s environment: we like responsive and empowered staff, respect for everyone, a shared sense of supporting the educational and research missionContinue reading “Nov. 7, 2019: Disney culture article in the Chronicle”

Check out the media coverage this week (late October 2019)!

Take a look at the news coverage about the various ways that faculty (and staff, and others) are responding to the administration’s initiatives. We want to be clear: we are not afraid of change! GW needs to continue to grow and evolve. GWUFA wants GW to do well with STEM, to be good to ourContinue reading “Check out the media coverage this week (late October 2019)!”

This is What Shared Governance Looks Like!

October 23rd: There was amazing support to pass the petition at the Faculty Assembly on Oct. 22! The record number of faculty attending shows that we are concerned and willing to participate in significant ways to shape the future of our university. GWUFA is pleased and proud to have played a role in organizing peopleContinue reading “This is What Shared Governance Looks Like!”

Urgent: Faculty Assembly Meeting Oct. 22

THIS IS CRUCIAL One of the principles and strengths of the university system is its bedrock systems of shared governance. At this crucial moment at GW we need to make our voices heard and exercise our right and responsibility for shared governance. Accordingly, GWUFA supported a set of 6 motions to be considered by allContinue reading “Urgent: Faculty Assembly Meeting Oct. 22”

Read our response to the Disney culture survey in the Hatchet today!

Disney survey demoralizes, glosses over faculty members’ concerns OP-EDS By Ivy Ken Nov 15, 2018 3:08 AM Ivy Ken is an associate professor of sociology at GW and the president of the GW Faculty Association. Faculty want this University to be a great place to work and learn. Because of that, we support University President Thomas LeBlanc’sContinue reading “Read our response to the Disney culture survey in the Hatchet today!”

GWUFA Supports the Fair Jobs GW Campaign

We’re all workers here.   The GWU Faculty Association supports the Fair Jobs GW Campaign recently launched by the Progressive Student Union. The Faculty Association further endorses the list of ten demands the Fair Jobs Campaign delivered to GWU President LeBlanc on October 1st, appended below. GWUFA reminds all GW constituencies that GW employees’ working conditions are our students’ learning conditions. InContinue reading “GWUFA Supports the Fair Jobs GW Campaign”

GWUFA for GW Grad Students United: An Open Letter

4 May 2018 President Thomas LeBlanc and Provost Forrest Maltzman The George Washington University 2121 Eye Street NW Washington DC   20052 Dear President LeBlanc and Provost Maltzman: We write in full-fledged support of the unionization efforts of GW Grad Students United. We urge you to support its efforts as well. In particular, we urge youContinue reading “GWUFA for GW Grad Students United: An Open Letter”