GW’s Principles of Support for Undocumented Students

GWUFA thanks President Knapp for his leadership in issuing GW’s “Principles of Support for Undocumented Students.”  As an organization that shares his commitment to the educational and research mission of GW, we appreciate his determination to keeping GW a welcoming campus for all its students. We also hope that the university will pledge to defendContinue reading “GW’s Principles of Support for Undocumented Students”

GWUFA and Health Insurance at the George Washington University

One of the reasons GWUFA was founded was to protest the huge increases in medical insurance premiums that GW faculty have had to pay, even while our out-of-pocket expenses under those plans were drastically increased. Over the past two years, faculty medical insurance expenses have increased by 52%, so that we now receive significantly worseContinue reading “GWUFA and Health Insurance at the George Washington University”

Summer Greetings

Last week, the newly elected GWUFA steering committee held its first meeting. The steering committee was elected by a majority of the association at the beginning of the summer, in an election which we also approved the association’s bylaws. In accordance with the bylaws, the steering committee elected officers for the association. The officers are: President: AndrewContinue reading “Summer Greetings”

GWUFA progress on health insurance costs

We wanted to let you know about some progress that we just made on our efforts to roll back the 52% increase in the amount GW faculty pay for health care under our insurance plans over the past two years. These efforts, as you know, began with a petition we organized, signed by 165 full time faculty members, overContinue reading “GWUFA progress on health insurance costs”

GWUFA Statement on a Proposed Resolution for the May 9 Senate Meeting

The GWU Faculty Association is pleased that the Faculty Senate, at least partly in response to the petition that we organized this fall, has taken up the issue of the alarming increases in health insurance costs to GW employees. We are encouraged by the thrust of a resolution proposed for the next senate meeting, butContinue reading “GWUFA Statement on a Proposed Resolution for the May 9 Senate Meeting”

Report on Meeting Regarding the GWUFA Health Insurance Petition

Those of us who organized the petition drive to protest the huge increase in faculty health insurance rates in 2014 presented our petition, with 165 names attached, to Provost Steve Lerman in early February and asked a for a meeting with him to discuss our concerns. Our first scheduled meeting with him was postponed dueContinue reading “Report on Meeting Regarding the GWUFA Health Insurance Petition”