Layoffs have begun.

Late last week, eleven workers at GW lost their jobs. The Faculty Association learned that the administration immediately made their email addresses inoperative, leaving them unable to  contact any of their colleagues. At least some of these employees were involved in the reopening plans for fall, and after they were fired, GW asked at leastContinue reading “Layoffs have begun.”

Petition for employee control over safety in the fall semester

We are thrilled that nearly 200 members of the GW faculty have signed the pledge, which commits us to solidarity in protecting GW by fighting the layoffs and furloughs of those people who support its mission of research and teaching. Now, we take a further step to declare our solidarity and to secure the futureContinue reading “Petition for employee control over safety in the fall semester”


There is no financial crisis at GW (pass it on) Since our last meeting and communication about the Faculty Association’s pledge, we’ve received requests for talking points about GW’s financial situation. We share these points below. For those of you who have signed, we hope these points help you keep your commitment to stop layoffs.Continue reading “pssst…”

LeBlanc has confirmed there will be layoffs. Now is the time for each of us to fight them in every way we can.

We have received some very alarming information from President LeBlanc. On Thursday, in a response to our email of May 18, LeBlanc wrote to us that “we won’t be able to continue to avoid layoffs any longer.” We reproduce President LeBlanc’s email and our own response below. As you know, and as we wrote toContinue reading “LeBlanc has confirmed there will be layoffs. Now is the time for each of us to fight them in every way we can.”

Summer Membership Meeting June 15th, 2020!

Are you, like us, pissed off that the GW administration continues to announce transformational plans for the university without consulting in good faith the faculty or other members of the university community?  Are you as irritated as we are by the administration’s continued farce of shared governance, with its manufactured committees composed of hand-picked faculty members with marching orders imposedContinue reading “Summer Membership Meeting June 15th, 2020!”

The crisis at GW is not in its finances but its administration

Many of you may have already seen the “Financial Update” presented to the Finance and Investments Committee of the Board of Trustees on May 14, 2020. We are writing first and foremost because we think everyone should have access to this document, and you can find it attached to this message. Ideally, the administration wouldContinue reading “The crisis at GW is not in its finances but its administration”

A 6-8% Raise for ALL Faculty

Last week the GWU Faculty Association sent a letter to President LeBlanc requesting a 6%-8% raise in a future year, once the university has recovered any financial losses from the pandemic and operations have returned to normal. While our priority remains preventing any layoffs or furloughs, we are also concerned that the present, temporary crisis,Continue reading “A 6-8% Raise for ALL Faculty”