Building the University We Want

Inside the University We Have On Monday more than four hundred people attended the meeting organized by the Faculty Association to discuss our ongoing responses to the disastrous and haphazard leadership of the LeBlanc administration.  We had much to bemoan and much to celebrate. We have lost friends and necessary co-workers to unnecessary and destructive layoffs. Our presidentContinue reading “Building the University We Want”

GW Students Call for an End to Layoffs

Increase GW Admin’s Transparency and Stop Unnecessary Staff Firings Petition text reproduced with permission below: As students of the George Washington University, we stand with staff and support their desires to be heard, respected, included, and most importantly, to advocate for themselves collectively and without retaliation now and in the future with GW leadership. WeContinue reading “GW Students Call for an End to Layoffs”

You are about to get a 10% pay cut.

The Faculty Association has learned that the LeBlanc administration plans to announce a 10-15% salary cut for all faculty next week. We have taken the unusual step of attempting to reach every full-time* faculty member at GW because we think you deserve to know about administrative decisions that will directly impact your livelihood.  There areContinue reading “You are about to get a 10% pay cut.”

Washington DC-area Professors Call for Online Instruction this Fall

Reprinted with permission from the Academe magazine blog. Faculty, Fearing COVID-19 Community Spread, Call for Online-Only Fall Semester Guest Blogger / 4 hours ago BY MARCUS ALFRED, ERIN D. CHAPMAN, PHILIP N. COHEN, HEIDI LI FELDMAN, BETHANY L. LETIECQ, BINH Q. TRAN, AND JULIA G. YOUNG We are professors at universities across the DC metropolitan area. And,Continue reading “Washington DC-area Professors Call for Online Instruction this Fall”

Sacrifice Property, Not People

We in the Faculty Association are awed and galvanized by the honor and courage of GW’s Council of Librarians in declaring their prioritization of people—their coworkers—over the material resources they oversee. Especially in this unprecedented moment of instability and fear, this principle must guide the university as a whole.   Like the Council of Librarians, weContinue reading “Sacrifice Property, Not People”

How (Not) to Corporatize a University

GWUFA reprints here, with permission, a recent article by Dane Kennedy in Academe. Corporate culture is incompatible with shared governance. By Dane Kennedy For all those aspiring university presidents out there, today’s lesson is about how the introduction of a corporate mode of governance can threaten the institution you lead, not to mention your ownContinue reading “How (Not) to Corporatize a University”