A GW Pledge to Act for the Common Good

On June 4th, the GWU Faculty Association received confirmation in an email from President LeBlanc that senior leadership believes layoffs at GW cannot be avoided. While layoffs have yet to be officially announced, such an announcement is seemingly imminent. Our friends in the senate tell us that there are administration task forces considering both facultyContinue reading “A GW Pledge to Act for the Common Good”

LeBlanc has confirmed there will be layoffs. Now is the time for each of us to fight them in every way we can.

We have received some very alarming information from President LeBlanc. On Thursday, in a response to our email of May 18, LeBlanc wrote to us that “we won’t be able to continue to avoid layoffs any longer.” We reproduce President LeBlanc’s email and our own response below. As you know, and as we wrote toContinue reading “LeBlanc has confirmed there will be layoffs. Now is the time for each of us to fight them in every way we can.”

On Race and Diversity at GW

In his May 31st message on the Black Lives Matter protests, President LeBlanc assured the university community that he looks forward to “working together—harnessing the power of the community that comprises this great institution—to address racism and injustice on our campus and in our society.” We charge LeBlanc and the GW Board of Trustees toContinue reading “On Race and Diversity at GW”

Summer Membership Meeting June 15th, 2020!

Are you, like us, pissed off that the GW administration continues to announce transformational plans for the university without consulting in good faith the faculty or other members of the university community?  Are you as irritated as we are by the administration’s continued farce of shared governance, with its manufactured committees composed of hand-picked faculty members with marching orders imposedContinue reading “Summer Membership Meeting June 15th, 2020!”

The crisis at GW is not in its finances but its administration

Many of you may have already seen the “Financial Update” presented to the Finance and Investments Committee of the Board of Trustees on May 14, 2020. We are writing first and foremost because we think everyone should have access to this document, and you can find it attached to this message. Ideally, the administration wouldContinue reading “The crisis at GW is not in its finances but its administration”


The GWU Faculty Association endorses the statement issued by the Office for Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement regarding the ongoing police violence and structural assaults on black people. We support the Black Lives Matter protests in Washington, DC and around the nation. We commend the GW Student Association for sharing with the campus community a list ofContinue reading “On the BLACK LIVES MATTER Protests”

Public Comment on Divestment

Great News! Dear GWUFA Members,  Yesterday, we received an incredible update regarding the student-led campaign for divestment that GWUFA endorsed in early February. The task force on Environmental, Social and Governance Responsibility is recommending that GW “commit to divest the university endowment from all public and private securities of companies that focus on the extraction of fossil fuels by 2025.” ThisContinue reading “Public Comment on Divestment”

A 6-8% Raise for ALL Faculty

Last week the GWU Faculty Association sent a letter to President LeBlanc requesting a 6%-8% raise in a future year, once the university has recovered any financial losses from the pandemic and operations have returned to normal. While our priority remains preventing any layoffs or furloughs, we are also concerned that the present, temporary crisis,Continue reading “A 6-8% Raise for ALL Faculty”