The GWU Faculty Association is open to all full-time faculty at the George Washington University who are committed to the goals of the organization. It is a grass-roots, faculty-run organization and has no official relation to the university administration, the Faculty Senate, or SEIU Local 500. Its goals are:

1) Represent the interests of all full-time faculty at George Washington University.

2) Support and enhance substantive and meaningful shared governance at George Washington University as an indispensable mechanism for ensuring that the university continues to prioritize its core commitments to teaching, research, and service.

3) Maintain and, where applicable, achieve salary and benefits commensurate with other top-ranked private universities located in high-cost urban areas.

4) Maintain traditional standards of professional excellence in the academy, including classroom engagement between students and faculty.

5) Reestablish the tenured and tenure-track research faculty position as the norm for academic employment at George Washington University.

6) Support related activities of part-time faculty, staff, and undergraduate and graduate students to achieve similar goals commensurate with creating an excellent and equitable university.

Questions? gwufa@gwufa.org


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  1. I would particularly encourage you to look into the tuition “benefit”. I don’t believe it is consistent with that at our peer institutions, particularly if your kids don’t want to got to GWU.

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