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…because our working conditions are students’ learning conditions

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What if … GW hadn’t fired so many people last year?

GW’s student body and faculty association repeatedly questioned the university’s decision to fire hundreds of workers last year. Many of those laid off were building maintenance workers. Would the university be drowning in mold right now if it had used some of the $45 million of relief money from the federal government to provide employeesContinue reading "What if … GW hadn’t fired so many people last year?"

Join the GWUFA Steering Committee

Dear friends,  We hope your summer has been as restful as possible.  At GWUFA we have been keeping our eye on a variety of issues, and we look forward to working with you this year as we fight for meaningful shared governance at GW.   In the meantime, we need you!  We are officially launching our electionsContinue reading "Join the GWUFA Steering Committee"

The Faction Is All of Us

Dear Colleagues, Our missive to you today is prompted by a recent email to the faculty from the chair of the GW Board of Trustees. It was a surprisingly combative message, much more authoritarian than collegial. Rather than suggesting ways to unite our community after a difficult year, Grace Speights scolded faculty for what she understands toContinue reading "The Faction Is All of Us"


The GW Faculty Association is gratified that the Board of Trustees and GW administration have come to agree with us and the vast majority of the GW faculty that Thomas J. LeBlanc is not the right president for our university. We look forward to working with the Board of Trustees, the Faculty Senate and the faculty,Continue reading "Hallelujah!"

so over it

“It never occurred to me…”

remark made by Thomas LeBlanc at April 23 CCAS Faculty Meeting,with regard to faculty expectations of shared governance The results of the Faculty Senate survey cannot be any clearer. 89% of faculty condemned LeBlanc’s integrity/ethics 85% expressed negative views of LeBlanc’s competence/execution 85% expressed a lack of trust in his leadership 84% expressed negative viewsContinue reading "“It never occurred to me…”"

Caregiving and Mental Health Report

Earlier this week we shared a flyer of highlights from our Caregiving and Mental Health Questionnaires. Now we are pleased to share a detailed report on mental health at GW. In it you will find aggregate data, a summary of themes from the narrative comments, as well as a listing of all comments that wereContinue reading "Caregiving and Mental Health Report"

We asked you how your year was. You let us know.

75% shouldered extra caregiving responsibilities. 50% had no office, at GW or at home.

Survey Says…

As President LeBlanc’s contract comes up for review with the Board of Trustees, please make your lack of faith in him and his leadership known directly. You may write to the Board at to very simply say:  “The time has come.  I do not support the renewal of President LeBlanc’s contract.” The survey conducted by theContinue reading "Survey Says…"

Your Mental Health

Dear Comrades, Thank you again for your responses to our March 8 Questionnaire on the costs of remote work. As we have detailed elsewhere, the results are devastating: 70% of respondents are responsible for additional caregiving at home and just over half (51%) report that a loved one has fallen ill. Our work conditions over the pastContinue reading "Your Mental Health"

Who We Are

We are full-time faculty from across the university, working in conjunction with all GW workers: staff, housekeepers, part-time faculty, graduate and undergraduate student workers. We stress that our collective working conditions are students’ learning conditions.

What We Do

We fight for shared governance, which is the basic premise that the university is not just administrators — it is all of us.

Why We Organize

We care about GW. We care about excellence in research and teaching. We want an intellectually vibrant research university AND more equitable environment for everyone.

About Us

We are a community of members, with an elected Steering Committee. Our leadership in 2020-21 is listed here.

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