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GWUFA Covid-19 Watch: Community amidst Crisis:

With much of professional and social life moved online, shelter-in-place orders for the DMV, and a new reality defined largely by uncertainty, GWUFA wants our members to know: you are not alone, and our work continues. We know that social isolation robs us of the community so vital to our personal and political well-being. During this moment, GWUFA is asking that we combat this isolation by sharing information with one another about the changes rapidly unfolding around us. We want to know what is happening in your corner of the university. What decisions are already being made that we should be concerned about? What do you think needs to happen in this moment of crisis? what can we build anew? Please use this document to share what information you can.

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Welcome to the website of the GWU Faculty Association, an independent voice for faculty concerned about the university. Use this site as a resource for the news you need about the changes affecting us all. Membership in GWUFA is open to all full-time faculty at the university, where 1 in 4 are already members. Membership is free, but it gives you the benefit of our newsletter, action updates, and a community of fellow faculty who care about GWU’s future. Click below to join us!

GWUFA works in solidarity with SEIU Local 500 Part-time Faculty Union, the GWU Staff Association, and the Progressive Student Union.

Who We Are

We are full-time faculty from across the university, working in conjunction with GWU staff, part-time faculty, alumni, graduate students, and undergraduates who care about the future of our university.

What We Do

We fight for shared governance, which is the basic premise that the university is not just administrators — it is all of us.

Why We Organize

We care about GWU. We care about excellence in research and teaching. We want an intellectually vibrant research university AND more equitable environment for everyone.

About Us

We are a community of members, with an elected Steering Committee. Our leadership in 2019-20 is listed here.

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